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Course event

Day 24-28: September 30th-October 4th

7:00 AM » Friday, October 11, 3:30 PM

Monday, September 30th- Tuesday, October 1st- Day 24-25

  • Students will complete career interest inventory and explore career interests
  • Bellringer: (2- 3 minute timing, choose topic), print screen, create new Word file and save it as Week 6, date, paste screen to Word, crop (example), save
  • Xello explanation
  • Xello log-ins
  • Career Interest Inventory
  • Worksheet- finish from Mr. Gothman's presentation
  • Career Exploration- explore careers that were matches as a result of your Career Interest Inventory and save 5-10 to your account.
  • Learning Styles Inventory
  • Ultra Key (time permitting)

Wednesday, October 2nd-Thursday, October 3rd

  • Career Unit-
  • Ken Gothman- EDPs

Friday, October 4th

Bell Ringer- student choice- 10 minutes (, nitrotype)
Ultra Key work time (top priority) 

Brochure work time (students have all the information for this and have been working on it previously)

Students may listen to music while working- students need to be responsible for getting out AND putting headphones back neatly

**We will finish EDPs next week!!

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Course event

Day 19-23: September 23rd-27th

Monday, September 23, 7:00 AM » Friday, October 4, 3:15 PM

Monday, September 23rd- Tuesday, September 24th- Day 19-20

  • Objective:  Students will practice/demonstrate proper touch keyboarding techniques, Students will demonstrate proper Word Processing, Research skills, and design skills.
  • Bellringer:  your choice
  • Publisher 2016:  Demonstrate how to create tri-fold template, change designs, change colors, etc...
  • Work Time on designing brochure template
  • Complete self-assessment rubric and then place in the class basket
  • Upload travel brochure to Moodle when completed
  • If done with brochure, work on Ultra Key lessons.

Wednesday, September 25th - Day 21

  • Career Unit-
  • Ken Gothman- Career Presentation and worksheet 1

Thursday, September 26th - Day 22

  • Career Unit-
  • Ken Gothman- Career Presentation and worksheet 2

Friday, September 27th- Day 23

  • Finish designing brochure??
  • Undercover Boss or Dirty Jobs!