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January 13th-January 24th- Day 24-33

Monday, January 13, 7:00 AM » Friday, January 24, 3:30 PM

Day 24-33

  • Objective:  Students will demonstrate understanding of animation with PowerPoint Animation Project
  • Log in to Moodle
  • Handout PowerPoint Animation Project information sheet
  • Discuss mini-story
  • Discuss purpose of story boards and show examples
  • Discuss requirements and answer questions
  • **You must complete a storyboard (with color and details) and have it approved before working on the PowerPoint Animation part of the project
  • Show example animations
  • Discuss rubric
  • Worktime
  • Audio lesson and recommended sites (in Moodle and other tutorials on adding sound/music to PP)
  • Submit final projects
  • Projects due:  January 24th