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March 23rd-April 17th

Wednesday, March 25, 3:45 PM » Friday, April 17, 3:30 PM

Finish your flip book.  Make sure you use color and when you flip the pages, it gives your eye the illusion that the object(s) is/are moving.

How to Design Cartoon Character in PowerPoint tutorial- watch this tutorial.  Practice your skills by designing the a character that is identical to the one in the tutorial.  This is an activity we will do when we are back in the classroom.  You will need PowerPoint to complete it.  Check with your parents to see if you can get Office 365 on your computer.  You should be able to download it for free.

How to make a bouncing ball animation with motion paths- watch the tutorial.  Practice your skills by designing a similar bouncing ball animation.

How to Create Water Fill Animation Effect- watch the tutorial.  Practice your skills by replicating the water fill object in the tutorial.