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Chapter 1. Exploring Geometry: Points, Lines, and Angles in the Plane URL Lines, line segments, and Rays
URL Angle Basics
URL Complementary and Supplementary Angles
Chapter 2. Thinking Geometrically: Using Proofs URL Proof-Vertical Angles are equal
Chapter 3. Parallel Lines and Transversals URL Angles formed between parallel lines and transversals
URL Proof that Corresponding Angles are equal
Chapter 4. Using Algebra: Lines in the Coordinate Plane URL Language of Geometry
URL Slope
URL Equation of a line
URL Finding midpoint of a segment
Chapter 5: Triangles and Quadrilaterals URL Triangle types
URL Similar Triangles
URL Quadrilateral Overview
Chapter 6: Congruent Triangles and Transformations URL Similarity Postulates