1.3 Navigating your way through T3

1 How to Navigate the T3 Course

Whether or not you are familiar with Moodle, these simple instructions will help you navigate the T3 course. 

This course is comprised of resources and activities which are called: Books, Lessons, Pages, Discussion forums, Glossary, Feedback Forms and Assignments. 

 Moodle Book   If you see this icon, you are in a Book. There are main chapters and sub-chapters, just like a book. 

Moodle Lesson If you see this icon you are in a lesson. Lessons are different than Books because they include questions and can be adaptive. This means the students’ choices create a self-directed, individualized lesson.

Glossary   If you see this icon you are being prompted to contribute to a Glossary. The glossary is similar to an online dictionary, which allows users to contribute to a list of definitions and/or resources.

Discussion Forum  If you see this icon you are being asked to participate in a Discussion forum. Several discussion forums have been created throughout the course for the participants to take an active role discussing various topics. 

Moodle Page   If you see this icon you are in a single page of content where you may or may not have an action to complete (e.g. visit a website).

Feedback   If you see this icon you are being asked to contribute feedback on a survey.

Assignment    If you see this icon you are being asked to submit an assignment.

We have included a Table of Contents (located in the upper left of the page) so that you can view your progress in each module. You can use the Table of Contents to move to different pages in that module by clicking on the live link (in blue) for each page.