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    We are finished!

    Note from Ms. Wheeler

    Hey Class, It's been great to get to know you.  I hope you have learned and improved on techniques that will be beneficial to you during your educational, career, and life endeavors. I also hope you have started to develop a sense of professionalism in your work habits and thinking. 

    I would like to encourage you to consider taking Accounting or Advanced Business Technology or Digital Media.  These are other available business classes.  You will gain more skills that are useful for jobs and the market place.  If you think you will want any business-related job in the future, these are the classes for you. If you plan to be a professional or in any position of leadership, you need at least one year of Accounting.

    BPA or Business Professionals of America is a student organization that competes and strives to gain leadership experience.  It is lots of fun.  It looks great to colleges and employers. We start in October for the upcoming school year and accept new membership at that time.  If you plan to join, Advanced Business Technology would be a great class because you can work on your specific contest skills.  Listen for announcements to join.  Also, let me know of your interest and I will be sure to contact you in the fall. 

    Whatever your future endeavors, I wish you all the best of luck and would love to hear from you again. 

    Sincerely, Ms. Wheeler