4.2 Recognizing Learner Diversity

1 Introduction: Diverse Learners

students using iPod TouchClassrooms are made up of students with diverse learning needs. All students have varying interests, perceptions, learning strengths, language abilities, and motivations to learn. For some students, this variability is more significant and they struggle with traditional instructional methods and materials. In this section, you will gain insight into the variability of all students' learning needs and the needs of those students who fall into the learning margins.

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  • Recognize and respect learner diversity.
  • Understand the need to proactively design instructional opportunities to eliminate barriers and include curriculum enablers that support students in the margins.


  • Describe of the concept of learning variability and its impact on designing and implementing successful learning opportunities.
  • Make connections between student's varying learning needs and proactive lesson design.

Considerations: While learning in this module, keep the following in mind

  • How can we recognize learner diversity in our classrooms?
  • Why should we plan for learner diversity in our classrooms?
  • How can we deliver effective instruction to this diverse groups of students?