8.5 Choosing Web 2.0 Tools for Teaching & Learning

Choose the Right ToolIn previous Modules, you have explored Web 2.0 tools, and considered how a few might support teaching and learning in your own environment. Finding the right 2.0 to use in your blended environment can be a huge challenge as there are so many from which to select.

Peruse Finding the Right Tool. (The Table of Contents on the right side of the page will help guide you through the resource.)

After you have browsed the tools determine some that you might like to implement in a blended activity. Post at least one of your ideas here sharing how that tool will support teaching and learning activities in your own environment. (If you have tools that are not mentioned, please share them here as well.)

Be sure to come back and see some ideas your colleagues have shared - it may help extend your own ideas!

Directions for a Glossary Entry:

  1. Click on Add a new entry
  2. In the Concept area provide the name of the tool you are thinking about implementing
  3. In the Definition area share your idea for implementing it into your classroom and how it will support teaching & learning
  4. Scroll down and click on Save changes

Once you have completed this activity, you will be ready to move on to the next: 8.5.1 Apps & Tools for Various Devices (Optional)

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Avatar Mikel H. Williams

Blended Learning

par Mikel H. Williams, samedi 18 avril 2015, 18:45

Like I have said before I am bittersweet towards blended learning, but if I was to implement this strtegy within my classroom I record my lessons and use it as a way for students to catch up if they missed classed or were unable to find a time to meet with me and wanted to see the lecture that we did in class again.



Avatar Hannah E. Hybl


par Hannah E. Hybl, mercredi 11 mars 2015, 17:34

Google isn't just a internet search, it provides multiple tools the can benefit the entire curriculum and everyday experiences. Create an account and use it anywhere you go, on any device you have. 

  1. Google Drive
  2. Google Docs
  3. Google Slides
  4. Google Forms
  5. Google Sheets
  6. Google Calendar 
  7. Gmail
  8. Google Earth
  9. Google Apps for Education
  10. Tip Calculator
  11. Weather
  12. Dictionary 
  13. Translation 
Avatar Corey J. Bell

Google Docs

par Corey J. Bell, lundi 13 avril 2015, 22:36

I really like how Google docs has the ability to be shared with others.  This will allow students to work on projects outside of the classroom without all having to be in the same place.  Other students will also be able to comment on each others work and help other students.  I will also be able to view and comment on my students work, without having them hand it in.  

Avatar Kegan M. Ball

Google Drive

par Kegan M. Ball, mercredi 15 avril 2015, 15:28

Google Drive is the future. The way google docs gives you the ability to share with students, parents, or colleagues is amazing. The google doc is all online. This means that students don't have to worry about bring material back and fourth through email or thumb drives. Google docs puts all your needs for communicating, sharing, and presenting in to one organize area. I will be able to send hw or comment on student work with ease. This is a good way to stay connected with my students and it doesn't cost a thing!


Avatar Justin J. Thelen


par Justin J. Thelen, samedi 14 mars 2015, 21:14

iAnnotate would be a great tool to use for my ideas of establishing a blended learning environment in my classroom. iAnnotate allows students to journal, annotate, respond, and collaborate through the application. This application will also allow me to read what my students are putting into their work as well as leave constructive comments. 



Avatar Kathryn R. Tuski

Kidblog- Katie Tuski

par Kathryn R. Tuski, mercredi 25 février 2015, 15:37

I would use Kidblog in my classroom to give my students a purpose for writing. I think that this would be a motivational tool to use for kids to remember to always create their best, original work.



Avatar Rebecca J. Blasius


par Rebecca J. Blasius, samedi 7 mars 2015, 13:44

This would be a great way for students to stay organized and would be extremely helpful for research papers in my classroom. This is a site that allow students to put all their sources in one convenient location and what is nice is these sources will never be lost because they are online. This is a great tool that they can even use outside of the classroom that may be helpful in college or future jobs.



Avatar Kassidi M. Adams


par Kassidi M. Adams, lundi 9 mars 2015, 20:10

What is Padlet? It is an online environmentally friendly online sticky note spot! This tool allows you to create a wall to collaborate with students, teachers, parents and others in the community. Go to http://padlet.com/ to build your own wall. Add sticky note like electronic messages including text, websites, images and videos. Now you may be asking "What can you do with Padlet?” well, you can brainstorm on any topic, plan and organize a collaborative project and list websites to use for research,

Avatar Alex S. Karapas

Poll Everywhere

par Alex S. Karapas, mardi 17 mars 2015, 19:10

Poll Everywhere is a great tool because it allows not only the educator, but the students as well to conduct polls through text messages and the internet. One way this can be implemented is by having students use Poll Everywhere to find out when a good time to meet for a study session, organization meetings, and for educators to conduct polls. As a history teacher, I would use poll everywhere to conduct polls about upcoming elections and what the students would most like to learn about. However, as an educator in charge of National Honor Society or Student Government, Poll Everywhere--again--can be used to find the best available time of everyone to meet as a group.

Avatar Zachary D. Baker


par Zachary D. Baker, dimanche 8 mars 2015, 21:54
A great presentation software that is interactive and very professional for anyone looking to present a slide show. I like how it adds flavor and creativity to presentations. 


Avatar Shawna S. Young


par Shawna S. Young, lundi 9 mars 2015, 18:58

Quizlet is a web-based service that allows you to create flashcards with answers that can help develop students' knowledge and understanding on certain concepts.  Quizlet also test students on the flashcards they have made.    

Avatar Jacob A. Oberg


par Jacob A. Oberg, lundi 30 mars 2015, 21:00

I like quizlet because it allows you to add manipulatives to your assignments. you only have to type in a few pieces of information and choose a format to use.



Avatar David R. Foster


par David R. Foster, lundi 9 mars 2015, 19:12

This a great tool for you to use as a teacher to communicate with your students from wherever but also provides the option for students to work on group projects from home as they can video chat with multiple people at the same time. Students can also conduct interviews in class using Skype.

Avatar Samantha K. Grace

Skype in the Classroom

par Samantha K. Grace, mardi 10 mars 2015, 14:14

There are three distinct ways to use Skype in the classroom. 1. Collaborate with other classes, no matter where they are. 2. You can find guest speakers and invite them into your classroom. 3. You can also take your class on a virtual field trip anywhere in the world. I would love to be able to collaborate with another orchestra and/or band program in another state, or even better, in another country! It would be a great experience for the kids, and they would be able to play repertoire for one another and talk about their own experiences within their own groups. 

Avatar Anthony S. Audia

Skype-Experience out of the classroom

par Anthony S. Audia, mardi 14 avril 2015, 15:22

There are many ways that you can use skype in the classroom. The best way that it could benefit my students is by bringing in different experts and groups to perform for my class. There are so many ways to model using skype. Bring in different experiences outside of the classroom into it is exactly how I plan to utilize this tool.

Avatar Emily J. Reverman


par Emily J. Reverman, lundi 30 mars 2015, 20:38

I think that Skype is a great tool for the classroom. It allows students to talk to people outside of the classroom. Skype is a great tool for interviewing others, going on virtual field trips, and learning about other parts of the world or people from other places.