8.1 Module 8 Overview


This blended learning module will give you a very brief overview of what blended learning might look like at your own classroom level. As you work through this module you will explore, experiment, learn, and reflect on your learning. By the time you have completed this module, you will have an understanding of what constitutes blended learning so you can explore a few blended elements on your own.


Introduce teachers to the concept of blended learning and explore how it can be applied in their classroom.

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, the educator will 

  • Know the basics of blended learning in theory;
  • Understand that blended learning has many different styles and that there is no one way to implement blended learning;
  • Make connections between technology use and blended learning in the classroom;
  • Transfer the learning into professional practice by creating, implementing & reflecting on a blended classroom activity.

Module Outcome

Participants will create and implement a blended activity for their classroom, which will be shared and reflected on for further growth.

Digital Portfolio - Module 8

To support your learning in this module, you will be updating your Digital Portfolio with Module 8 content. You will re-submit the link to your Digital Portfolio at the end of this module.

As a reminder, log into your Google Drive to access your Digital Portfolio.

This module will take approximately 3 hours to complete

You are now ready to move on to the first activity: 8.2 What is Blended Learning?

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