9.1 Module 9 Overview


By now, you should have a strong understanding of the Michigan state standards, as well as how to incorporate technology and blended learning in order to teach these standards. Additionally, you should understand how the Michigan state standards will be assessed using next generation assessments.

In Module 9: Developing Your Own Online Assessment Items, you will learn how to prepare students for next generation online assessments through the development of your own online assessments and items. These assessments and items will help you better assess students' understanding of state standards, as well as provide your students with assessment experiences similar to future statewide next generation assessments.


Introduce teachers to online assessment item development.

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, the educator will:

  • Know how to use online assessment tools
  • Understand how to create a variety of online assessment items
  • Make connections between state standards and next generation assessments utilizing best practices
  • Transfer the learning to professional practice by creating an online assessment item

Module Outcome

Participants will design and develop an online assessment item, which will be reviewed and then shared to the Classroom Readiness Assessment Item Database (AID).

Digital Portfolio - Module 9

To support your learning in this module, you will be updating your Digital Portfolio with Module 9 content. You will re-submit the link to your Digital Portfolio at the end of this module.

As a reminder, log into your Google Drive to access your Digital Portfolio.

This module will take approximately 5 hours to complete

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