Anne Frank WebQuest


Join us as we take a trip back in time to uncover more about the life of Anne Frank!  During this WebQuest, you'll learn more about Anne Frank's life as well as more about the major events during World War II.  Use the Anne Frank WebQuest Companion Guide found on the bottom of the page to help you record your findings and thoughts for each of the three major tasks.  

One note - it's important that you do not view this assignment as something to simply "get done," just one more arduous task with blanks for you to fill in.  Rather, take your time.  Explore these sites, even after you've answered the questions.  Ask hard questions.  The Holocaust was one of the greatest atrocities in the history of mankind.  We must be informed, and we must never forget.

Task 1 - An Overview

Anne Frank
You will first spend some time gathering research about the events that led to World War II.  You’ll look at the people, countries, and historical events that laid the background for Anne Frank’s story and record your findings in your companion guide.  

  • First, do a quick web search to find out which men led their countries during the war.  
  • Secondly, find out the dates WWII began and ended.  
  • Third, define the terms "genocide" and "anti-Semitism."
  • Fourth, visit this Holocaust information site to answer questions 5-10.  Be sure to SUMMARIZE and to answer in your own words!
  • Fifth, once you've learned about the historical context of Anne's life, visit the Anne Frank Center USA to answer two more questions (#11-12) about her world-wide impact on the generations to follow her.

Task 2 - A Closer Look

Anne Frank and her family
Now it's time to look a little closer at the life of Anne Frank. Visit the Anne Frank House to learn more about how she grew up. Read each section and take careful note of the pictures that accompany the text.  Click on "Life in Germany" to begin answering the questions in your Companion Guide. Each of the main sections will have sub-categories separated by boxes for you to investigate.  For example, "Life in Germany" has the following sub-categories: Happy Years, Crisis & Anti-Semitism, The Rise of the Nazis, and Emigration Plans.   You'll need to visit each sub-category to get the most out of your companion guide.

After you've finished reading "Life in Germany," scroll up to the main navigation bar and roll your mouse over the words that say "Anne Frank's History."  You can then click the next sections, like "Emigrating to the Netherlands" and so on, to complete your guide.

For an extra overview, the timeline at the Anne Frank House provides some more information about the events leading up to and following World War II.  This "Who's Who" also breaks down each of the major individuals in Anne's life.

Task 3 - Through Their Eyes

Concentration Camp Experiences
For this task, you'll be looking closer at the experiences of victims in the concentration camp. First, visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Through their project, Behind Every Name a Story, Holocaust survivors share their experiences.  Then, choose two stories found on this page to summarize and respond to.

Eye-Witness Journal
Then, visit Holocaust Survivors. Choose two of the six concentration camp survivors and read their stories by clicking their faces and then "Read Survivor's Story."  Once you've read their stories, write a journal entry from the point of view of a student your age held captive in a concentration camp.  Think and write about what they might have experienced and any emotions or fears they might have felt.  This journal entry should be well-thought out and it should reflect sensitivity and maturity.