Data Collection: Types and Tools

Using MISchoolData for Data Inquiry and Access


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Access both the Annual Education Report and the Data for Student Success dynamic inquiries using your login to the portal.  

The federal components of the Annual Education Report (AER) provide detailed information about the status of education in Michigan’s public schools, public school academies, districts and Michigan’s statewide performance. This report provides all of the information on Teacher Quality, Student Assessment and AYP for schools, districts and the state in one convenient place. The Annual Education Report can be accessed with a login. 

Data for Student Success dynamic inquiries allow users to create a "Comparative Item Analysis" based on state test performance down to the item level by standard.  In addition, users can create a "bubble" report, or "Students Near Proficiency" report to identify students near the cut score.  The D4SS dynamic inquiries require a login.