Capstone Activity: Administering an Online Assessment

Crafting a sample assessment for classroom practice.  

After exploring a variety of data sources, you should be familiar with the tech readiness of your building and the student test scores for state testing. In preparation for the next generation of assessments, you will create, administer, critique, and discuss a sample online assessment.

Create and administer a sample 5-10 question online assessment. You may use a variety of tools used in the previous modules. Utilize the elements good test questions, technology integration, and best practice instruction.  

Administer the sample online assessment to students and review the results. How did the students do on the assessment? Were there any challenges? How did you integrate technology into the assessment? What were the successes and failures of the activity?

Next, participate in data driven dialogue about the experience in the discussion forum.  Post your reflections and respond to 2-3 colleagues posts about the experience.

You are now ready to move on to the next activity: Conversations about the Capstone Activity: Administering an Online Assessment

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