Module 6 Overview

About this module

This module will provide a basis for data collection, conferencing, and use with regards to technology readiness and student achievement.  During this module, participants will review the protocols for data driven dialogue, and state tools such as MISchoolData and MTRAX.

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, the educator will:

Know the types of data collected and how to use online assessment data to assist in school improvement and data driven dialogue

•Understand the process for collection, disaggregation, conferencing, and dialogue

•Make connections between findings, professional development, and school improvement planning to improve teaching and learning

•Transfer the learning into data driven dialogue to make predictions about professional development needs, and gather process and perception data about student experiences with test administration to assist in school improvement planning



This module will outline the use of various data sources and tools that can be used to support the integration of technology into the classroom and better prepare schools, teachers and students for the next generation of assessments.

Learning Objectives

After completion of this module, the educator will:

  • Be aware of and be able to access district level technology readiness and student achievement data.
  • Understand the importance that data collection on classroom technology integration, online test readiness and student achievement has on the overall school improvement planning process. 
  • Understand data conferencing and be able to facilitate a data driven dialogue.