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Now that you have reviewed the strategies for best practice instruction in the Orange Zone, “Helping Students Develop Understanding,” take a few minutes to reflect on these strategies. In your post, please include the following information about your Capstone Project Lesson Plan:

  1. Cues, Questions, and Advance Organizers:  Share how you will use technology to help support this strategy. For example, you might choose to use a video to cue the learning from Discovery Streaming, Teacher Tube, or another source. What kids of questions/cues will you give students to help them focus on what they need to learn? Another example would be to create an advance organizer using resources from Exploratree or a graphic organizer using If so, post a screenshot of your organizer.
  2. What technology will you be using to help students Develop Understanding of your objective? You might create a Prezi (or ask your students to create one). You might find an interactive from Thinkfinity or PBSLearning Media that helps with Nonlinguistic Representation. You might choose to use Fotoflexer or have the students use it to modify images for a project or presentation as part of the work they do to meet this objective. Post your link or a screenshot to help your team members see how you will support this strategy.
  3. Explain in this section how students will summarize or take notes as part of your lesson. Consider using an online template from Google Docs or perhaps an organizer from Exploratree.
  4. For the strategy of Homework/Practice, either provide a link to your online presence (webpage, blog, etc.) that shows a practice opportunity for this lesson or a video for students to watch related to the lesson, or create a flashcard set on Quizlet to help students practice essential vocabulary or concepts related to the lesson. Post the link to either in the forum.

In addition, please read and offer feedback to at least three of your colleagues. Keep your feedback positive and helpful by beginning with a positive comment.  Sentence tags such as, "Have you considered..." or "You might want to try..." will help the reader focus on the ideas you have for developing the lesson plan.

Once you have completed your work in this forum, you will be ready to move on to the next activity: 8: Identifying Similarities and Differences

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