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Now that you have reviewed the strategies for best practice instruction in the Blue Zone, “Helping Students Extend and Apply Knowledge,” take a few minutes to reflect on these strategies. In your post, please include the following information about your capstone lesson plan:

  1. Which categories in the Blue Zone will be reflected in your lesson plan?
  2. What technology will you be using to help students Extend and Apply Knowledge of your objective? Provide the link to the site or sites you will use that contain the interactives you will use or do a screenshot of the data collection and analysis activity or organizer you will use for this section. Explain your thinking about how you will use this in your lesson. 
  3. What practice will students do and what feedback will they receive regarding their practice to help them be successful?

In addition, please read and offer feedback to at least three of your colleagues. Keep your feedback positive and helpful by beginning with a positive comment.  Sentence tags such as, "Have you considered..." or "You might want to try..." will help the reader focus on the ideas you have for developing the lesson plan.

Once you have completed your work in this forum, you will be ready to move on to the final activity for this module: Capstone Project Submission

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