Blended Learning Readiness Survey & Reporting - Assignment

If you haven't completed the readiness survey in the "Considerations & Strategies" lesson, or did not take note of your results, or would like to do it again:

Look over these surveys and choose one to take:

Take note of where you fall in the spectrum of preparedness and understanding. 

You have now viewed a video about blended learning, taken an assessment and reviewed your results considering your own readiness for online learning, and then considered tips to be successful when online.  

Share your readiness findings and what this means for your own development.

In what way would this type of readiness survey benefit students?

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Adam Ballien

I scored fairly well on the quiz and it said that I could be successful with taking an online course that I am able to seek out the instructors help when needed, good with technology skills and use my time well. After taking this class I know though that I need to work on my self directed learning because I did get behind in the class and put a lot of work off. This survey would be good for the students to assess them selves and see where they lie. Unless you are one that struggles with technology and can't seek help from the instructor I think you can be successful in an online course. 

Allie Woodburne

With practice, I feel that I am slowly becoming more comfortable with using technology. I am an independent learner and relatively good with time management, however I need to work on gaining the background skills and knowledge to use the required technology. I think that this kind of assessment will benefit future students in the same way that I am learning from it—to identify areas to work on when using Blended Learning

Amanda Jones

I think that I will be able to use technology in my classroom successfully.  I scored fairly high on the poll and do agree that online courses are extremely helpful for those who can't take time to go to actual classes.  I do also believe that time management can be a big problem for most students however.


Anna Ryerson

I think i am on my way of getting comfortable with technology in a classroom. I know that i will be able to teach with technology in a younger classroom with students that are learning this at the same pace that i am. This way I can be sure of what is going on and what we are learning about and the integration into the classroom.

Ashley Alore

I think that I am working toward being comfortable with technology. I have the skills and the background knowledge. What I need to work on is my time management skills and my procrastination. 

Ashley Tuttle

I think that blended learning is what will be going on in the future. I did get an okay on whether distance learning is right for me, but with the help from other people I would be able to complete the task at hand. Blended learning gives students more opportunities to find new resources that they couldn't have before. Blended learning is the future and would be beneficial to have in any classroom.


Blended Learning

I think that I have come so far when it comes to technology in the classroom. There is still room for progress, and there will always be because of the constant changes to technology. I think that I have gained enough knowledge to where I think that I can integrate technology in my classroom. I think that with younger ages, things like iPad apps are a great way for students to exapand and integrate blended learning.

Blended Learning Readiness Survey & Reporting Assignment

My work is in a google document in my google drive. 


Cody Nevins

I scored an alright score on my assessment of readiness for online learning. The assessment said I may need to seek out assistance from my instructor or other students. They will be able to help me with study skills or adapting to the technology. I completely agree with the assessment. When taking online courses, I lack confidence in my technological skills and become dependent on others. When students are taking online classes with their other classes, students start to take make their other classes priority.

Colin Campbell

I took the MCC readiness survery and i did okay, i think i am becoming a better self directed learner along with increasing my comfortability level with technology. My big issue is with time managment and cutting out enough time from doign work for my other classes to dedicate to this class. I think this would be a very helpful survey for my students to take to let them know what type of blended learning would work best for them and what they need to work on as learners.

Cora Essenmacher

I feel that I understand technology and will be using it often in my classroom. Time management is a key to success when it comes to online classes which can be a challenge for most students. 


David Slusser

I feel that I am prepared for blended learning in an online environment. My time management and learning environment are the weakest points of my blended learning because I have so much going on outside of school and I am constantly running around and trying to prepare other things. I have taken online courses in the past and understand that the biggest part of it is not to get behind, it is easy to dom and will overwhelm you quickly.


Erin Self

I feel that I am prepared to create lessons that have blended learning. Technology is an important part of blended learning and there are many ways that I can use the resources to incorporate blended learning. Online learning is one that I need to work on more because it is such a self-directed type of learning.


Jack Pryde

My thoughts about blended learning is that I think it is the future of the classroom. And according to the Michigan survey I came up with 35. Which means distance learning is a good possibility for me. I am a relatively independent learner, seek out help when you need it, and are fairly comfortable with technology. However, I need to manage my time better.

Jacob Schmeltzer

My readiness for blended learning could be better. I have developed for myself a good concept of what it is, but how to use it effectively is another story.  The quiz I took showed me mildly prepared to take an online class, but teaching it will involve so much more than me being ready to take the class. I will have to use blended learning assessments to find out what and how students will work with online assignments. With so many learning styles, I as a teacher have to be prepared to work with all of them!

Jared Groeneveld

I took the MCC survey and the survey said that online learning would be OK for me. I am not much of a fan of online learning. I feel that there can and should be a component of online learning but I do not think that all learning should be online. Students still need face-to-face interactions with teachers and other students. While students can get some of this online, the actual physical presence of others is important. Online learning is becoming a large part of education and teachers need to learn how to stay ahead of the game in this aspect t continue to improve as educators.

Jocelyn Kirk

I think that it would put students in the mindset that the classroom can be mainly based online. High school students especially have gone through years of school in the classroom and may be against doing a lot of work online because they are used to the one-on-one contact with the teacher. However, giving them surveys like this will show them just how beneficial online-based classrooms can be.


Katherine Krauss

Blended Learning Preparedness:

I scored very well on the assessments of readiness for online learning. I believe one of the biggest challenges when it comes to online learning is time management. When one doesn't have to report to a class at a given time, it can be very easy to allow other assignments and responsibilities to take priority and fall behind on online learning. The same can be true of high school students. With so much pressure to be involved in school activities and hold jobs, it can often be difficult for students to manage their time and allow for the time necessary to watch videos or complete online assignments. 


Marie Zill

I don't think that an online class would be for me if I had other classes to think about.  I love being exposed to all of the resources but it sure does take a lot of self-discipline and confidence.  I am becoming more confident in online learning but I still don't think that anyhting can replace F2F learning and writing things down on paper

Mary Seals

I learned that I can funtion pretty well in this type of environment, but I also learned that I have definite strengths and weaknesses to consider.  One of my strengths is that I have taken online classes before and am pretty familiar and comfortable with this type of alternative classroom setting.  One of my weaknesses is time management and setting a schedule that would help me to be successful.

Michael Reeves

Blended Learning Preparednes

I think I am extremely prepared for online learning. I have done many online classes before and have seen different formats for online learning. For someone who needs a schedule, there are classes that follow a syllabus with specific completion dates for different items. For those who would rather not have a schedule, there are independent studies that have an end date, but the information may be completed at any time by the student. I liked the latter form better because I would much rather learn when I have time, instead of being on a constant schedule.


Samantha Pierce

I feel like I am somewhat prepared to do Blended Learning. I have never taken an online class so it will definitely be new to me. But, I do know how to work computer programs pretty easily and I am always looking forward to learning something new. I am always using the internet so I know how to navigate my way around the world wide web. The only thing that I might be hesitant about is finding the right tools to be able to make the videos and whatnot. Though, once I have that instructions, I feel that I will be able to handle it no problem.


Tony Knop

I think that using a readiness survey would be a great tool to use for students in a blended classroom. By having the students take the survey, I will be able to see how the students will handle the class and the students will be able to see what they need to work on to improve their experience in a blended classroom. I really enjoyed using the survey myself, because it taught me more about the struggles I have had in my previous online classes. It gave me an idea of what I have to work on and I think that it would work great for high school students.