Blended Learning Readiness Survey & Reporting - Assignment

If you haven't completed the readiness survey in the "Considerations & Strategies" lesson, or did not take note of your results, or would like to do it again:

Look over these surveys and choose one to take:

Take note of where you fall in the spectrum of preparedness and understanding. 

You have now viewed a video about blended learning, taken an assessment and reviewed your results considering your own readiness for online learning, and then considered tips to be successful when online.  

Share your readiness findings and what this means for your own development.

In what way would this type of readiness survey benefit students?

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Once you have completed this activity, you will be ready to move on to the next: Choosing Web 2.0 Tools for Teaching & Learning - Assignment

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Janet Fowler

My readiness survey findings show that I am a good candidate for online learning.  I would possibly need some assistance with the technology depending on what the requirements would be.

I think the survey is a great tool for prospective students.  It helps to determine whether a student would be ready and be successful in an online setting.

Jeff Bigelow

My results show that I need help with technology. It also mentioned that I should ask instructors for help when I run into a problem with the learning.


Liz VanDyke

I am a good candidate for online learning.  I would need some help in becoming proficient with some aspects of technology.