Blended Learning Application - Assignment

Now that you have learned a bit about implementing blended learning into your classroom, it's time to put it into action.

In "Module 2 : Best Practice in Technology" you learned many elements and resources to assist you in blending in your classroom.

Create a lesson that integrates blended learning into your classroom that you will use within the next week or two.

Use the lesson with your students and gather feedback from them regarding the lesson and their thoughts on how it went.

Post your lesson here for feedback from your peers. Include the feedback your students gave you as well as what you would change next time you use this lesson.

Review a lesson or two and share your thoughts with your peers using the Comments feature in each submission.

In the Concept field, please place your full name.

Once you have completed this activity, you will be ready to move on to the next: "Using Your new practice" (Discussion Forum)

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Apps for Low Level Readers

Students who read significantly below grade level can benefit from apps which read content aloud for them.  This also assists students with dyslexia.


Janet Fowler

Physcial Science:  Periodic Table

1.  Students will complete Chapter 3, lesson 2 in the text.  Classroom discussion will follow.

2.  Students will go to the computer lab and use the Spangler Science app to research further information on the periodic table.