Capstone Project Introduction

While reviewing the nine categories of best practice instruction and the technology resources that support them, you will be asked to create artifacts (links, documents, or screenshots you post that are evidence of your learning). These artifacts will be used in your Capstone Project, which will be a Lesson Plan that showcases the use of technology to support Best Practice instruction.

Begin your Capstone Project now by making a copy of the Lesson Plan template to have in your Google Drive. Do this by opening the template, and then choosing “Make a Copy” from the File menu at the top of the page. You will now have an editable copy of the template in your Google Drive.

Your Lesson Plan will include strategies and resources from the Framework for Instructional Planning which you will be learning about in this module. After viewing any of the presentations from each of the nine categories of Best Practice instruction, you will be asked to stop, explore, and gather resources for your Capstone Project. You may be asked to create a artifact (resource) that supports your lesson. It is strongly recommended that you pause and create your resources or reflections at the time you go through the presentation when you are prompted to do so, rather than waiting to try and synthesize the information when you finish the module.

Following each component of the Framework for Instructional Planning (Red Zone, Orange Zone, Blue Zone), there is an opportunity to get feedback on your work for your Capstone Project from your coaches and colleagues. You will be posting your current work to your site’s Discussion Forums, where you will be viewing the “work in progress” of your colleagues and offering feedback, as well as receiving feedback from others in your building. You may be asked to post links, upload documents, or submit screenshots as evidence of your progress. For information on how to do a screenshot, refer to the Screenshots  section of 21things4teachers. You might consider working with other colleagues who are teaching similar content to develop your lesson ideas and “artifacts” (the links, documents, or screenshots you post that are evidence of your learning).

At the end of this module there will be an Assignment called Capstone Project Submission where you will upload the link to your Lesson Plan. You will need to change the Sharing permissions on your Google doc to "anyone with the link." If you do not know how to do that, you can find directions at Google: How to Share.

You are now ready to move on to the next activity: 1: Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback

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