10.2 Educational Data: Educator Rights and Responsibilities

In Michigan, there are many places to locate student data. Student information systems and data warehouses are two of the most common access points for student data and many Michigan school districts pay a subscription for these tools. Educators have an ethical and legal responsibility in the care, handling, access, and dissemination of student data. In order to access student data, educators are expected to demonstrate FERPA and HIPAA compliance.

Student information systems include grades, attendance, and demographic information (e.g. Zangle, Skyward, etc.).  Data warehouses contain achievement and demographic data, and can be customized for reporting (e.g.Illuminate, Data Director, Pearson, IGOR, Data Wise, etc.). 

Michigan residents also have FREE data tools through the MISchoolData portal, the state's performance dashboard from the Center for Education Performance and Innovation (CEPI). Review the information below on FERPA/HIPAA compliance. 


ferpa hipaa

When you are employed in a district, you will have a teacher login.  The portal provides student level data to K-12 and special education information, as well as the Data4SS dynamic inquiry tools to further explore school performance.

The portal also includes a public side, which does not require a login.

Educators may receive a login after providing proof of educational affiliation and completing FERPA/HIPAA compliance procedures through their Intermediate School District, Regional Educational Service District, or Agency. 

FERPA/HIPAA samples can be found at the Data4ss.org professional development resources.

Take the FERPA/HIPAA quiz and check your answers.

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