Your Internet Scavenger Hunt

  1. Choose a Topic.  This is your title.  Examples of topics are a holiday like Halloween, 4th of July, Easter, etc; a sport like basketball, badminton, extreme sports, etc.; a celebrity like Megan Fox,  Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, etc.;  or a hobby like baseball card collecting, horses, and making crafts.  You might come up with something else.  Make it appropriate though.  For gamers, realize that most of those sites are block here at school.
  2. Find 15 different sites related to your topic and create a question for each of these sites that students will have to answer using this site.
  3. As you find the sites above, you will be creating a scavenger hunt document for others to complete.  Include your title.  Space your 15 questions and the related website for each so there is room for a written in answer.  Since this will be your answer key, include the answer in that space. Print a copy to turn in with your name on it.
  4. Save this answer key in your writing file and call it Scavenger Hunt Key.
  5. Then delete all the answers and save it again as just Scavenger Hunt.  Print that one so it can be used for other students to fill out.  Again, include your name.
  6. Turn in both printouts.

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