Computer Animation & Motion-Capture Animation

In computer animation, the same skills of layout, design, and timing are used. The animator uses computer animation software to create an animated scene, a cartoon, a video game, or even a full-length movie. Software animation programs can do two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) animation

There are many free open source 2D animation software programs available for creation purposes. Some of these include: Inkscape, Pencil, Tupi, Scratch, and Synfig Studio. Using the computer to animate can reduce the time needed to produce an animation. Animators may choose to draw on paper and scan the images into the computer or may choose to use the computer to create the initial drawings and the entire animation process.

New technologies have made 3D Animation possible. Toy Story is the first completely computer-animated movie. Other more recent movies include Shrek and The Incredibles.