Where is Animation Used?

Today, animation is widely used in cartoons, commercials, movies, games, and on web sites. Your teacher may even include animation in a PowerPoint presentation.  

TV & Movies
Animation requires several steps when used in televisions shows and movies. The first step an animator uses is to create a storyboard of an idea.
storyboard is a sequence of sketches that show the significant changes of action and scene in a film, movie, television show or commercial. In a typical full-length animated film, more than 4,000 storyboard drawings are used to describe the action and dialogue of the film. Storyboards can be relatively simple or quite detailed. They can be hand-drawn or created on the computer.

The second step in computer animation is modeling. Modeling refers to using computer software to create 3D computer models of characters, props, and sets. An animator will begin the process by using computer-generated spheres, cylinders, cubes, and cones. These shapes are changed in size and are combined to create new shapes. The animator may also, use drawing tools to create free-form shapes.
When all models have been created, animation begins. A key frame shows a beginning or ending point in a action sequence. Key frames are drawn using the 3D models. The computer will generate the "in-between" frames needed to simulate motion. Macromedia Flash is a program that allows the animator to set a beginning key frame and and ending key frame. 

Shading, Lighting, and Rendering
These elements are used in animation to add realism.

  • Shading adds colors and texture to objects.
  • Lighting is used to add illumination and shadows to scenes.
  • Rendering combines all elements used to create the final images.