Michigan Statewide Assessments

Nearly all educators are familiar with current statewide assessment practices and technologies, which can only be completed using special paper and a #2 pencil. The technology used for these assessments has been around since the 70's and has not changed much since then. This technology is still popular today due it's ability to quickly grade assessments and collect data. The trade-off with this technology is that assessment item types are limited to multiple choice. Assessment items with essay responses may also be included with many statewide assessments, but these responses must be graded by hand.

With the advent of new technologies, it is now possible to create assessments that gather more reliable data and quickly report it out to all stakeholders. These assessments can be taken online and include a variety of assessment items that are appropriate for the standards they assess. The Michigan Department of Education plans to "deliver high-quality testing programs in 2014-15 and beyond" that will incorporate these new technologies. (Michigan 2013-14 Statewide Assessments, July 2013)

To learn more about the future of Michigan statewide assessments, read the document below. If you have trouble viewing this document, you can access it directly by clicking this link.

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