Examples of Next Generation Assessment Items

In the previous module, as part of the A Look at Sample Next Generation Assessment Items activity, you had the opportunity to explore examples of next generation assessment items created by the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC). These items are contained within SBAC's proprietary assessment system, which is not available for public use. Also, the SBAC sample items are not graded, which means users do not receive any information related to the answer or their performance.

This is why the Next Generation Assessment Preview (NGAP) was developed. This online tool provides users with an opportunity to explore several next generation assessments, which include Common Core aligned assessment items. After completing each assessment, users are able to review their attempt and receive feedback on their performance.* Additionally, the item specifications form for each assessment item is included under every assessment. These documents contain additional information about each assessment item, including the standard(s) being assessed, the difficulty level, and much more.

*Constructed response and essay questions are not graded automatically, which means that users will not receive feedback on these types of assessment items. Users can refer to the corresponding item specification form to review answer keys and rubrics.

For this activity, you will explore at least one of the NGAP assessments below. You can access each assessment by clicking on the corresponding link. Before you are able to take any of the assessments, you will need to create an account on the TRIG Moodle server. After creating your account, you can access each assessment by entering the enrollment key, "ngap". The assessments contain both ELA and Math sessions. Please complete all of the sessions for your assessment. After each session, you will be able to review your responses and received feedback. Please keep in mind that you can also review the item specification forms for additional information related to each assessment item.

Once you have completed the entire assessment, move on to the next activity.

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